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RedlineMax NEW 3.5 CF Engine Cover

We are also proud to announce that we are releasing our new Carbon fiber 3.5 Engine Cover!!! This thing is hot!!! The cover has perfect fitment and a great look to add to your engine bay. It will fit ALL 3.5's. We are happy to announce that this is on of the many new projects that is teaming up with Ionic Dynamics to make. We are very pleased with Jose and he's teams production and will be having plenty of things made Exclusively for us by them. Thank You Jose for making these new products for us.


Redlinemax - New Signature Grill completed

Well the New Signature Series Grille is completed!!!! The first one is completed and installed on JSmiths Car!!! The grill is made with the exact same mesh as seen on such cars as the Cadillac CTS-V and the Chrysler 300M. This Grille has been a long time waiting and I am proud to show you the first pictures of this grill. The grill will be available in 2 styles originally, up and down cross or Diagonal cross. The picture shown below is the up and down cross.

NEW ActiveTuning S4.1 04+ Maxima Grille! Coming Soon!

Based on the S2/S5 Altima Style grille they have announced the creation of a S4.1 Maxima Grille which is due to be out in the Month of January for the 04+ Nissan Maxima. "This is the one that will completely be rid of the "tooth". The grille will be released in January, so stay on the lookout...we're very excited about this one."

1995-1996 Maxima Red/Clear Taillights

Basing our review on a 1995 Nissan Maxima, this application for years has been in great needed of a taillight upgrade that did not take away from the car but gave it a very classy and sensual look. Despite the "demand" for the atrocious looking Altezza taillights on the market, Custommaxima has conjured up a way of bringing back the o-so-wonderful Clear/Red Taillights which until now have been sported by only a select few who could get their hands on them.

KSport GT Lowering Springs

Ksport GT lowering springs have been designed to give your car superior handling with an aggressive race look. Most other brands use a linear rate, but Ksport utilizes a progressive rate for several reasons. A progressive rate allows a plush comfortable ride under normal travel, but since the rate shifts higher during compression, it stops "body roll" during heavy braking, hard acceleration, or fast cornering. By lowering the center of gravity from OE height you dramatically improve performance and handling characteristics.


Tein Type BASIC Damper for 2004+ Maxima

Tein Type BASIC damper is for the driver that is seeking high performance with a reasonable price. The Basic damper MSRP starts at $750.00, which includes 4 springs and 4 shocks. Compared to the "sleeve type" coil over, the Type Basic has a more exclusive set up for a better balance of suspension travel and damping force.