NWP Engineering Introducing EGR Block Plate kit for VQ35DE

NWP Engineering is about to release an EGR Block Plate Kit specifically for the 04-08 Nissan Maxima VQ35DE upper intake manifold. With as many engine and intake manifold swaps I see happening, there has been a need to block the EGR port on this manifold if you do not want to run an EGR system. This product will come in handy for anybody wanting a clean way to cap off this EGR port.

NEW 1997-99 Clear/Red Tail Lights

Introducing a NEW style of lighting available through select vendors for the 1997-99 Nissan Maxima. Featuring diamond cut clear turn signals and reverse lighting with a lightly darkened brake light these lights are sure to update the look of an aging 4DSC.

*NEW* 95-03 Subframe Collars

This product release is something that has been tested and developed for a while. It is an 8 piece set of front subframe reinforcement collars. The subframe on the Maxima has long been ignored, but is critical in properly transmitting power to the tires as well as locating the suspension components to maintain alignment geometry.

First AirRide '09 Maxima

I would like to congratulate and applaud member "MisterKnee" for his excellent rendition of a 2009 Nissan Maxima. He has gone above and beyond what most would call OEM Plus and decided to take a route not suited for the faint of heart. With the use of a custom Ksport AirTech system this maxima can go anywhere from fully rose to oil pan scrapper. The ability to completely swallow a set of two-piece Work Varianza T1s wheels is definitely impressive.

EzKoncepts GTR Bodykit 04-08 Maxima

EZKoncepts, an up and coming Style and Performance platform for the 2004-08 Nissan Maxima has come up with some extraordinary products to highlight the curveous lines of this Generation Maxima. In this newest installement EZkoncepts has configured a complete Aero Kit featuring a Custom "GTR" Front facia as well as Rear Bumper which is topped off with a clean lined side skirt design. Made of DuraFlex plastic this product is sure to endure the harshest of elements from even the lowest of vehicles. Stay tuned as we have more in store coming to us directly from EZK, great job guys!


Racingline 09+ Maxima Y pipe


Specially made using full stainless steel construction,  this performance Y Pipe is dyno proven to see gains of 13hp and 14ft/lbs to the wheels on an otherwise stock vehicle!!  By enlarging the primary runners and collector, removing a tight crimp in the factory piping and deleting the 3rd unmetered catalytic converter, lots of extra power is created.

02-03 NWP Engine Torque Link Bracing Kit

Prevent engine movement during racing to reduce wheel hop,
increase traction, and improve shift feel!

Our adjustable Engine Torque Link connects the front engine mount to the chassis.
It features opposing threads to make adjustments easy!
All you have to do is turn the hex bar to increase or decrease engine stiffness.

NEW! Eibach Pro-Kit for 2009 Maxima!

Eibach PRO-KIT is the perfect answer for most frequently-driven street cars. It´s our legendary spring system that dramatically improves both a vehicle´s performance and appearance.

NWP Engineering Thermal Intake Spacer Kits for the 00-01 Maxima!

NWP Engineering is proud to finally announce the release of the 00-01 Nissan Maxima Hardware Kit! This kit will allow you to install the 95-99 Maxima Thermal Intake Spacers on your 00-01 Intake Manifold.

2004-08 Maxima Progress Anti-Sway Bar Review

Ever had the rush of coming into a tight bend and get yourself knocked into the door panel with the body lean of your $30k vehicle? The 2004-2008 6th generation Maximas tend to be plagued with a significant amount of body roll due to the larger size, heavier weight, and higher stance. This where a larger sway bar comes into play.


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