Possible Spy Shot of 2009 Maxima

Chris (Car of the Month February 2008)

One of the most modified 6th generation Maximas has just hit the ranks of Maxima of the Month, see what it took!


New 04+ Max catback options from Cattman Performance

We want to let everyone know about some new catback exhaust options Cattman Performance has developed for the 6th gen Maximas (04-08). [If you're not aware of it already, our new y-pipes are now available for 04-08 Maximas, all transmission types.]

NWP Engineering VIAS Removal/SSIM Intake Manifold Block Plate!

The entire plate is CNC Machined out of 6061 Billet Aluminum and is 1/4" thick.

Bishnu (Car of the Month December 2007)

The Clean Racer look is everything that was tried and accomplished very nicely on this 2000 Maxima ! Check inside to see what Bishnu did!



First Turbocharged 6th Gen(2004+) Maxima

Introducing the first Turbocharged 6th Generation Nissan Maxima, powered by the SFR (Speed Force Racing) Stage 2 Turbo Kit. The complete Install/custom fabrications were professional done in Maryland on this 2004 5-spd Automatic. Power is rated at 300WHP for the Stage 1 Kit while this Stage 2 is well over 350HP at 8PSI, dyno proven. Upgrades such as 440CC Injectors, 60-1 hi-fi turbocharger, FTC fuel and timing controller, Spearco intercoler, Tial 38mm wastegate are some of things included in this Stage 2 Package.

Nissan GT-R Debut

HIDKitWarehouse 3000K HID Kit

Paradox-Systems Chrome Gauge Rings (95-99)

WarpSpeed Performance Subframe Connectors 95-99

Looking through the plethora of Modifications for the Maxima, we had yet to profile the most important aspect to a insure handling and ride quality and that is, the Vehicles Subframe. "The principal purpose of using a subframe is to isolate vibration and harshness from the rest of the body. For example, in an automobile with its powertrain contained in a subframe, forces generated by the engine and transmission can be damped enough that they will not disturb passengers."-Wikipedia.


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