The New VQ35HR Motor


Key Features of the HR Motor:


1995-96 Nissan Maxima Carbon Fiber front Lip

Check out the new Ionicdynamics CF front lip for the 95-96 Nissan Maxima. Ionic dynamics molded this kit as a reproduction of the very classy Stillen piece. ID states that the fitment will be perfect just like on the regular FRP lip. Here are the pictures you have been waiting for, and look for a full review of this new piece on Project Maxima.


ActiveTuning 04-06 Nissan Maxima S4.1 Grille

This FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastic) hand-laid fiberglass molding is available ready to prime and paint or professionally pre-painted to match your factory color. This new version of the original S4.1 grille features one large center opening more similar to our original Altima grille products. The underhood portion is identical to the OEM part for the best possible fit using the OEM fasteners and trim panel. This part is produced for us by a large manufacturer using some of the industry’s highest quality controls.

2004+ Custom Enterprise SS Y-Pipe Review

Recently we tested CustomEnterprises 1995-99 Ypipe system, which proved to be really well constructed and designed. For our next test we are going to see how well they have kept to their attention to detail with their 2004+ Ypipe System. Although with the 2002+ Maxima's the most beneficial result would be to swap out the entire header/ypipe system CE has given the option of swapping out a somewhat significant part of that system.

Wesley (Car of the Month July 2006)


Not only does this Exhibit of a Maxima speak class, but also of refinement.... Read on to see what I mean.


HKS VQ35DE Forged Engine Internals and Metal Head Gaskets

Coming soon.. Our 2004+ CE Y-pipe Review

2000-03 Nissan Maxima Carbon Fiber Wing

Ionic Dynamics has developed a new product that they have just finished. It's a replica of the 5th Gen OEM wing made in Carbon Fiber. It will go nicely with or without a CF trunk. Made of Authentic Carbon Fiber construction, we only use UV protected resins that produce a high gloss finish that will last for years. Pictures installed to come for now, here are some final product pictures:


Carbon Fiber Rear Window Spoiler (04-05 Maxima)

Real Carbon Fiber rear window spoiler made for the 04-05 Nissan Maxima. These do not come with double sided tape needed for installation. These rear window spoilers are UV protected with a high gloss finish.


Solmia Inc. Caliper Covers

Introducing Solmia Inc. Caliper Covers..


Made of Polished stainless steel these covers install in 30 minutes or less. These cover plates are designed to be installed without any gluing or drilling on any diameter wheel above 17" using a powerful neodymium magnet. Solmia insists, "Total corrosion resistance for more time than the life of your car. Resists to salt, sand, snow, etc."


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