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02-03 NWP Engine Torque Link Bracing Kit

Prevent engine movement during racing to reduce wheel hop,
increase traction, and improve shift feel!

Our adjustable Engine Torque Link connects the front engine mount to the chassis.
It features opposing threads to make adjustments easy!
All you have to do is turn the hex bar to increase or decrease engine stiffness.


- Heavy Duty Zinc Plated Steel Torque Link Assembly
- High Quality CNC Machined Zinc Plated Lower Bracket
- High Quality CNC Machined Zinc Plated Upper Bracket
- 2 Zinc Plated Clevis Pins with clips for Torque Assembly
- 4 Zinc Plated Hex Head Bolts w/ Washers
- 1 Zinc Plated Flanged Engine Mount Bolt
- Printed Detailed Installation Instructions with Photos
- Two Die Cut Silver Vinyl NWP Engineering Decals