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1995-1996 Nissan Maxima custom mesh install


I went out and bought Gutter Guard from Home Depot to use as mesh. I also painted the mesh so it would not tarnish. Also get some zip ties.

1. Remove the grill from the car by taking out 2 (vertical) screws (or clips) which connect to the headlight assembly. Then rotate 3 more (horizontal) clips with a flat head 45 degrees, 2, which connect to the headlight assemblies, and 1 to the hood latch support.


2. Remove the emblem from the grill. It has adhesive holding it on and this may or may not be screwed on. Oh and clean off the adhesive from the grill.
3. I drilled holes all around the grill (between the painted and the black portions) just large enough to insert zip ties through. These holes will be used to secure the mesh.
4. I cut the mesh to a rough shape of the grill. I kept the top straight and left the surrounding edges long so I could wrap the mesh around the grill.
5. Starting at the top center, zip tie the mesh to the grill, inserting the zip tie through the back of your newly drilled hole, through the mesh, and back through a (square) opening of the grill. Pull the zip tie tight and cut off excess.
6. Repeat step 5 going from the center out and all around the grill, making sure the mesh is tight against the grill.
7. On the bottom you don?t need holes because you can just wrap the tie around the bottom of the grill.

8. Now you can leave it blank, add a Nissan burger, or maybe do as I did using the ?MAXIMA? letters off the trunk. I painted them flat black and used hot melt glue to attach them. For those who wanted to know what kind of paint. Use any type of paint for metal, Krylon...Rustoleum....etc. Primer is a good step for a lasting finish.
9. Reinstall the whole grill on to the car, snapping the 3 clips back in, turning them 45 degrees and inserting the last 2 screws or clips.