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1995-1998 Custom Enterprise SS Y-Pipe/Hi-Flow Cat Review

Maxima Tuners are constantly looking for those bang for the buck performance mods that will net them a large gross throughout the entire power band. When you think about it, what is the most restrictive part of the Maxima exhaust system? The Ypipe! CustomEnterprises has been researching and developing a brand new Ypipe system which would hopefully eliminate that 'bees-in-a-can' sound that those other Manufacturers fail to compensate for in their products and also give that great power that we have all heard about. With its Mandrel bent curves, 100% stainless steel design, and evenly weaved flex section this pipe was sure to do what it was made for. To make things flow even better, we are pairing their New Hi-Flow Catalytic Converter to ensure maximum output from our VQ Motor. Read on and see if CustomEnterprises Y-pipe/Cat really does ensure "a smooth even flow with no “bee buzzing” sound."


Basing our review from a factory Ypipe and Catalytic standpoint, there is a noticeable absence of the two pre-cats and also clean mandrel bent curves. We are also going to note the cleanly done flex section displayed in the pictures above. To compare (above), on the left is the CE product while showing the WarpSpeed on the right. As you can see the weaves are visually thicker on the pipe then that of the WS. To Compare (below), on the left CE product while showing the WS on the right, both show virtually identical welding techniques.





Noticeable power enhancement throughout the power band (mostly in the upper section).
Stainless Steel Material
Thick weave in flex section
Idle has a slightly deep tone




Slight rasp on deceleration WITH Straight-through design muffler.
Awkward position of 02 sensor on Catalytic*95-96*
Inability to use factory cat heat shield


Comparison Sound clips: (Hover over to Display Content)


CM: CM Ypipe + Cat + Magnaflow muffler
WS: WS Ypipe + Stock Everything else


Cold Start- CM Ypipe Cold Start- WS Ypipe
Rev- CM Ypipe Rev- WS Ypipe




  • 95-98 Nissan Maximas
  • 96-99 Infiniti I30s

Additional Note:


Part Number Information:

  • 1995-1998 Maxima Custom Enterprise Stainless Steel Y-pipe
    9598YP $249.99
  • 1995-2004 Maxima Hi-Flow Cat. Converter
    9501CC $149.99

Where To Purchase:

  • Custom Enterprise Stainless Steel Y-pipe
    Hi-Flow Cat. Converter

    CustomMaxima: (800) 806-5798

    Sales Department

    • Sockets and Wrenches
    • Breaker Bar
    • Jack Stands
    • WD-40/Liquid Wrench
    • Anti-seize
  • Tools Required for Installation:

    Installation Process:

    Installation is a two man operation, so please have someone with you while installing this pipe. Accidents happen, PLEASE USE CAUTION, allow the exhaust system to cool before working on the car.
    Get the car up enough on your jack stands or lift so that their is enough room to pull the factory pipe out from under the car. Spraying some Liquid Wrench or Wd-40 onto all of the 12 bolts we are going to be working with on this install will easy the removal process. These bolts haven't been touched since the car had been manufactured so they will be a little tough. Remove the heat shield covering the factory cat to expose the rear O2 sensor. Loosen but do not remove the 12 bolts securing the factory Y-pipe (view from the top)/catalytic to the headers and bpipe. If you are installing both the cat and Y-pipe it makes it a whole lot easier if you remove it all as one piece to save time. While you're at it, have your friend disconnect the left and right O2 sensor connections inside the engine bay and fish them down to the ground to give you slack on the harness.



    Now that you've successfully broken the bolts loose, remove your O2 sensors located on both up pipe sections, and one on the catalytic*95-96 Models.* Remove the nut holding the ground wire to the body of the car and undo the hanger assembly. Have your friend come underneath the car with you and proceed to remove the remaining 12 bolts. It will come down rather quick so use caution. It is OUT.


    Transfer over the Hanger assembly, and O2 sensors applying anti seize to the bungs as necessary, and get your supplied hardware ready for reinstall. You will not be reusing your Factory Heat shield at this time (should be revised) so put it away for now. Get back under the car with your o-ring gaskets already into place in the up pipe sections and your cat bolted onto the new Y-pipe. Pre-fit the CE Ypipe in place to check for fitment, and begin to bolt it into place. Make sure not to completely secure the bolts until everything is completely together. Replace the ground wire to the body of the car, and redo the hanger assembly. Start the car and check for leaks before putting it down on the ground. All that is left is to GO FOR A DRIVE! Isn't that great??

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