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1995-1999 Maxima Clear Headlights Review

Have you ever looked at the front end of your car and thought, "WOW, these headlights look terribly dated!". Well some have thought this and have ventured off into purchasing newer 97-99 Headlights which are constructed of lesser plastic material rather than glass of the 95-96 Model years which over time turns a nice shade of yellow. Although the 97-99 headlights do sport a rather clean look with clear outer lens they have that slight problem of turning because of the plastic lens. To fix this problem CustomEnterprise went ahead and attempted a glass lens route with the same clear housing making for a rather interesting new product.


Here is what CustomMaxima (a CustomEnterprise group) had to say about this product, "Brand new and fits all 1995-1999 Maximas, features durable glass cover lens which is extremely tough against rocks and road debris. Available in crystal clear and black housings. If you have a 1995-1996 Maxima then you have the older style headlights that have a "cloudy" style headlight housing, you will love these crystal clear headlights that more closely match the 1997-1999 Maxima headlights. If you have a darker color Maxima, then the black housing headlights are for you. Fits 1995-1999 Maximas and sold as a pair.". We shall see about that.. read on

Our Take:

Basing our review on a 1995 Nissan Maxima, this application would be a great upgrade to the OE pitted glass headlights. These new headlight assemblies from CustomEnterprise feature a lineless and also a more manageable GLASS lens which drastically improves the appearance and more importantly the light output of your Maxima. The headlight housing is also included in the product to simply swap out your current setup with these new headlight housings. To further improve installation, the adjustment knobs equipped in this kit are made of a very durable material unlike that of the plastic knobs provided on the stock pieces which are very fragile. All hardware is very cleanly placed just as a OEM unit would be, with the securing clamps nicely holding the assembly together. One very noticeable difference between this unit and the factory unit is that the headlight shroud has an opening in the middle for a slightly more focused light.



Crystal clean look
Crisp light when illuminated
Glass Material over Plastic
Durable adjustment knobs
Headlight Bulb Included
None as of yet


  • 95-99 Nissan Maxima's

Additional Note:

  • May require newer style clearance lights if matching is a concern to you

Part Number Information:*

  • 95-99 Maxima Crystal Clear Headlights

Where To Purchase:

Tools Required for Installation:

  • Sockets
  • Short and Long Extensions
  • Philips-head screwdriver
  • Patience
Materials Provided for Installation:
  • 2 Headlight Assemblies
  • 2 Headlight Bulbs
  • Bolts
Removal/Installation Process: Factory Headlights
Removal is quiet easy with basic tools. Before you begin, we would like to emphasize that the key should be out of the ignition before removal/installation with the parking/driving lights in the off position. Going against this advisor could lead to electrical short, or much worse. ALWAYS CHECK ALL POWER IS OFF BEFORE WORKING!
To being open the hood and locate the Philips screw on the top of the clearance lights (closest to headlights), remove these screws and with a solid motion pull outward and away from the body of the car. There is a ball joint holding the light to the body so pull slightly harder than you would like, and it will eventually come out. When the light is removed, it will expose to 10mm bolts which will need to be removed to get the factory headlight out of the body off the car. There are two nuts located in the rear of the headlight assembly closest to the radiator which are slightly more difficult to remove but not too difficult. Once those are removed, disconnect the harness to your headlight bulbs and pull straight out being sure to navigate around the grille unless you deem the grille is in need of removal.


Installation is the reverse of installation, but we will not be using the OEM nuts to re-secure the headlight (closest to the radiator), we will be using the supplied nuts on the back of the CE headlight assembly. When mounting make sure that the headlight is firmly pressed down on the factory rubber insulation of the bumper. Reconnect your headlight harness and Enjoy!
Final Product: Make sure all mounting points are secured properly, all harnesses connected fully, turn the lights on and enjoy :)
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