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2002-2003 Maxima Y pipes are in production now!

WarpSpeed Performance out of Avoca, Arkansas has come with one of the true performance parts for the Nissan Maxima. One of the most restrictive areas in the Nissan exhaust system is the y-pipe, it carries the load of two, yes, TWO catalysts, which not only are big but hold the car from the additional 6-7 potential horsepower hp (4th generation test results) that it has. Warpspeed also knows the weakest weld joint is a Butt Type weld, they have designed their pipes for strength and flex. Their 304 Stainless steel pipes are either TIG welded or MIG welded with not one butt weld, that would mean outstanding strength to heat!

WarpSpeed Performance knows less welds mean less restrictions which means more flow, TIG welded butt joints bleed through and cause restrictions. We custom mandrel bend each section of pipe, our competition buys theirs off the shelf in a warehouse, no wonder ours out perform theirs. We also use only high quality components made in the USA. Our longer lined flex sections reduce noise and also allow the tubing to flex and not break, the longer flex section flexes so it will last"


Being the first company to test out a 3" Y pipe just for Super-charged Maxima's does have its advantages. It was surprising even to them that their standard 2-1/2" Y pipe performed just as well. The new pipe seems to have gained an astonishing 20+ HP with their B pipe. designed and tested with the very first mandrel bent Y pipe for the 2002-2003 Maxima