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2002-2003 Spark Plug Writeup


This is a pretty simple swap, unfortunately, lifting the intake manifold is required to pull the coil pack in the rear. Taking your intake/air box off is not necessary but is HIGHLY recommended. I wouldn't try it without removing it.

Start be removing the engine cover by unscrewing the top 4 Allen type screws. Go ahead and remove the 3 coil packs with a 10mm socket wrench. Use a 12" with a spark plug socket and swap your plugs. You can use anti-seize on the thread if you want so it would get stuck in the future.



Once finished with the front 3, Remove the Vacuum from the Intake Manifold by unbolting the 12mm bolt onto the manifold and Remove the Wire Management piece that secures the hoses bolted to the manifold with a 10mm screw. Proceed to unbolt the manifold from the plenum. Remove 3 intake manifold bolts with a size 12mm socket wrench. On the sides of the manifold are 2 nuts. Remove those as well. Next, proceed with the following removal of bolts/nuts.



Behind the throttle body is a metal support bracket with 2 12mm bolts holding it in place. It is a tight area and you wont really be able to see what you are doing. I couldn't take a picture, but its in the circled region. Take a peek and feel with your hands. DO NOT disconnect the intake manifold from the throttle body as shown below. The top bolt is extremely difficult to bolt back up and is not required for the swap. Once again DO NOT REMOVE THE MANIFOLD FROM THE THROTTLE BODY.



Once all the bolts are removed, remove 2 harnesses from the throttle body. One is green and one is blue. You don't need to disconnect them. Just use a flathead screwdriver and pull them from the Throttle Body. Disconnect the hoses pictured below so it wont interfere. Remember where each hose goes!



The Manifold is ready to be lifted. You can Lift the left side and put something underneath to hold it up while you're working on the plugs. Use a 10mm socket wrench to remove the coil packs. Use a 12" socket extension and spark plug socket to remove the plugs. You can put some anti-seize on the thread of the plugs to keep them from getting stuck in the future. Make sure the Gasket under the intake manifold is positioned correctly and is straight. This gasket can be reused if it has not been bent. Line the manifold back up and bolt it back down. 3 Bolts and 2 Nuts.



Bolt the throttle body back up to the support. (2 bolts), Bolt the vacuum back to the throttle body (1 bolt), the Wire Management for Hoses back to  the Manifold (1 bolt).



Reconnect all hoses. Slide the harnesses back on to the Throttle Body. Look everything over. Make sure everything is connected. The 2 wire harnesses, the 4 vacuum hoses. Your Intake. Bolt the engine cover back on. 4 Allen type screws. Start the engine and make sure everything works normally.