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2004+ Maxima Cattman Lowering springs

I had pre-production Cattman springs installed today and I wanted to share my opinions and pictures with everyone. The springs lower the car by about 1.6-1.7 inches in the front, depending on how much they "settle" and about .6-.7 inches in the rear. We all know Eibach lowers the car by a a little more, so the question is, why not get Eibach.


First of all, it was determined dropping the car more than 1.7 and .7 inches front and rear respectively is the maximum drop without adversely affecting suspension geometry and suspension travel, two key elements to car performance. Second, Cattman springs are about 20% stiffer than stock, as opposed to Eibach which, I believe, are stock stiffness, or much less stiff than 20%. Although there appears to be a slightly larger gap in the front still, it is significantly reduced. Nissan simply built too large of a gap in the design to safely overcome it completely.

After I installed the springs, I noted that the normal drive over slight bumps is unaffected. Only when you encounter major dips in the road or drive hard around a turn do you feel the affect of stiffer springs. When I test drove the car with two other large men (weight totaling about 750lbs) we came across a large dip in the road and braced for impact. No impact occurred much to our great and simultaneous surprise. These springs are really wonderful in that they make the car hug the road even better than just with the rear sway bar (which is great in and of itself), they drive very nicely over regular roads which include moderate bumps, and they resist major dips.

I also noted immediately that the car does not exhibit rear squat upon hard acceleration and it resists nose diving upon hard braking. Remember, I have raced cars for over 20 years, including this one a few months ago, and I know how to put a car through its paces, I promise you that. This is one amazing car. The guys at the spring manufacturer thought this was a truly amazing car to drive, and they drive race cars and trucks all the time.

These springs will be ready for production in about 2-4 weeks, from what I understand and will be priced at something UNDER $200!!! Contact Brian Catts at Cattman for more details. Boy, I love this car, and it just gets better. Here are some before and after pics. I put a spot of white tape on the top of each fender to see the edge clearer for examining the difference in drop. Post your opinions!!

Front Before & After:

Rear Before & After:


Before & After:

Pictures courtesy: DeusExMaxima