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2004 Maxima JMS Grille Now Available

Well, after a long wait, my '04 Max was test-fitted for a new grille. JMS Products Inc. and myself formed and created a new front grille for the '04 Max. Pictures are available on their web-site located at:

Different materials are available:

1/2" Diamond Cut Aluminum (what is pictured)
5/16" Diamond Cut Aluminum
Honeycomb Cut Aluminum
Other patterns are available, but call for info.

More pictures to come when customers develop them, or upload them to the internet.


Pricing is available on their web-site.

Fitment is much better than the previous Maxima grilles, as this grille uses the factory mounting locations. The plastic tabs that hold in the factory grille are not strong enough to hold the grille in place, so screws/bolts are provided to use in the factory mounting locations. The bolts will use the factory holes, and will not require any cutting, modification, etc to the car or the factory grille.

Their contact number is 703-793-2779. You can place an order at any time. Contact them for more information.