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2004+ Maxima Y-Pipe


Custom Enterprise is proud to announce the newest item to our product line, a high flowing race y-pipe for your 2004+ Maxima. Once again Custom Enterprise is the first to offer this product on the market today. The 2004 3.5L Maxima engine already is the fastest stock Maxima ever, now you can make it even faster. With precise mandrel bends, tig welding and stainless steel construction, you are sure to have precise fitment and maximum horsepower gains. Other companies have attempted to design this part with minimal success due to the fact that their y-pipes make the exhaust extremely loud. Not ours, adding the Custom Enterprise Y-Pipe will add little if any additional noise to your exhaust system, the competition can't say that. The flex section on our y-pipe also sets it apart from the competition. Many other y-pipes on the market save on cost by using a cheaper lower quality flex section, this results in an annoying ?bee buzzing? sound under acceleration. We are sure you have heard one of your Maxima buddies complaining about this before. The Custom Enterprise y-pipe flex section was manufactured to ensure a smooth even flow with no ?bee buzzing? sound.
Be the first to have this long sought after part. We recommend having a second set of tires on hand, because you will be spinning your tires real easy!!

This pipe is currently in production and a small number is scheduled to be released Mid September. Pre order yours now and your credit card will not be charged until this item ships to you.