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2007 Nissan Maxima Photos


The Nissan Maxima, since its introduction as a 1981 model, has enjoyed a position as both the flagship Nissan sedan and a ?cut above? premium 4-door sports sedan in class. For 2007, the sixth generation Maxima continues to live on the cutting edge, with a redesigned exterior, a refined premium interior, intuitive next generation technology features and the adoption of standard, performance-based Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) on all models.

Key changes and enhancements for 2007 begin with the redesigned exterior, which features a new front grille, hood, headlights, front and rear bumpers, and more aggressive side sills. Maxima?s interior enhancements are equally aggressive, adding a higher level of quality, luxury and sportiness to match the refined exterior, including a refined instrument panel with a redesigned center stack and a new Fine Vision gauge display for easier readability. The heart of the new Maxima remains its powerful, award-winning 3.5-liter DOHC 24-valve V6 engine.

The 2007 Maxima is offered in two models, the 3.5 SE and 3.5 SL, and offers a wide range of premium luxury equipment, including available factory-installed satellite radio Bluetooth? Hands-Free Phone System, outside dual auto-dimming mirrors with auto-tilt down in reverse, and DVD-based navigation system with 7-inch color display.