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2009 Maxima Side Mirrors Install


Ok so the 7th gen mirrors do fit our cars with a bit of modification. I will run through the process that I used for the install.

The holes for the new mirrors do not match up so all 3 need to be re-drilled. I basically held the mirrors up where it needed to sit and marked the holes and drilled them through. Also there's a small plastic clip that needs to be removed, it helps hold the tweeter cover in place but also keeps the new mirrors from sitting flush.

I hoped the plug would be the same (of course it wasn't) or at least the wires would be the same colors (and they weren't) So I am waiting to get the wiring breakdown for both mirrors so I can hook up the heat, adjust and folding features.

I did want to hook up the blinkers and I knew that since the 6th gen doesn't have them I would have to hook these up from scratch. So I looked in the stickies and found which colors the wires we're because I wanted to tap into them at the BCM instead of running to the front of the car.

The wires at the BCM are as follows:
Turn Signal(L) green/black + BCM, pin 45
Turn Signal(R) green/yellow + BCM, pin 46
Notes: The BCM (Body Control Module) is between the steering column and the fuse box.

So I simply ran wire taps to these wires:

I ran a ground wire from one of the screws inside the door. I then ran the power wire through the side outlet where all the OEM wiring goes to the door (I fed the wire through with a coat hanger, rookie style!) For the passenger side I had to run the wire all the way across under the dash, I snaked it through and used zip ties to keep it in place (I also dropped the glove box to make it easier) I then ran it through to the door with the other OEM wires as on the driver side.

(passenger side, behind the glove box)

Now the trick was to find out which wires ran the blinkers so through a long process of elimination (lucky for you!!) I figured it out. On the 7th gen mirror plug, the orange wire is the positive and the pink wire is the ground, so I again tapped into these (I didn't want to just cut any wires at this point due to the fact that I'm not sure exactly how I am going to hook up the rest of the stuff later.

Considering they are from a different car the fit really well, not perfect but pretty damn close!