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2k2-3 Urethane Motor Mount Swap


This install guide only applies to the 2002-03 6-Speed Maxima. Although these directions may apply to other models, I do not have experience with any other model. Author is not responsible for installation woes - perform this install at your risk.

Unless you can afford 3-4 days of downtime, get new or used front and rear motor mounts. Drill a hole into the center of both of the mounts just below the center bolt. You may want to drill two holes so that it?s easier to get the Windo-Weld in there. Do the same to the pocket above the center bolt.


Drain all liquid that is contained in there and remove as much of the loose rubber on the top half of the mount that you can. Do not remove any of the bottom half (you should only have a hole or 2). Once the mounts are stripped of all loose rubber (I only stripped the loose rubber on the rear) and completely drained, get some brake cleaner and clean the mounts up. You want them as dry as possible.

Inject the mounts with as much Windo-Weld as possible. The stuff is thick and hard to get out ? but keep filling the top half and the hole in the bottom until there is no more room to add more. Use a putty knife to smooth out as much as possible. Try to remove any air pockets if you can. Let them dry for about 3 days (I did it on Weds and installed them on Saturday). I found that putting them in the oven on low heat (~100 degrees F) worked wonders for hardening them up.

Changing the Front and Rear Motor Mounts for 2k2 6-Speed
Tools needed:
Breaker Bar
Torque Wrench
17mm socket
6? Extension (for the 2 rear center member bolts)

Jack up the car by placing the floor jack at the jack point on the center member (page GI-46 in ESM) and putting jack stands on the side jack points. Once the car is jacked up by the jack stands, place the floor jack under the transmission housing close to the center member. Only jack it up until you see the transmission start to rise. DO NOT JACK IT UP ANY HIGHER. You are only looking to remove pressure from the motor mount bolts.

Remove the front splash guards if you have them and spray all motor mount bolts with some WD-40 or equivalent. Start to loosen (only loosen ? do not take them out) the 2 bolts that are connecting the rear mount to the center member. Do the same for the front mount. *Unlike 4th gen Maximas; you are able to reach all motor mount bolts from under the car. * Remove the center bolt going through the motor mount in the font and rear. You may need to adjust how high you have the floor jack to insure the bolts slide out easily.

Once you have both motor mount bolts removed, the center member can now be lowered. To do this, you simply need to take out the 2 bolts in the back and the 2 bolts in the front that hold the center member to the car. Now you should have the center member removed with both mounts still connected. Simply remove the mounts from the center member. Now you are ready to attach the new mounts. Attach the rear mount first and torque the 2 bolts to 70ft-lbs (page EM-60 is a good reference). You will see that it is very difficult to torque the rear bolts down with the center member in place due to the tight space on the passenger side of the motor mount (exhaust in the way).

Do the same with front except do not torque the bolts down. You may need the few mm of play to fit it up to the motor with the rear mount completely attached and the front mount attached fairly snug, put the cross member back into place with the rubber disc on the passenger side inside of the mounting bracket attached to the motor. It helps if you start the front and rear center member bolts just enough to hold the member up. Line up and install your center motor mount bolts and torque them to 70ft-lbs. Once your front motor mount bolt is secure, go ahead and torque the 2 bolts that hold the mount to the center member down to 70ft-lbs. After all motor mount bolts are torque to 70ft-lbs ? you are ready to torque the center member bolts to 70ft-lbs. Once all bolts are torque to spec ? you can remove the jack holding the transmission. Have a beer ? and check out the new mounts and reduced wheel hop!!