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2k2 AE Pedals


You can purchase these from The two piece set costs $39. I feel it gives the car a more sporty look as opposed to the stock black rubber 2K2 pedals.

The pedals are a little tricky to install. First remove the original brake pedal by simply prying the rubber off the back with your fingers.

Once the stock brake pedal is removed is where the fun begins. It's a bitch trying to get the AE brake pedal on. What I would suggest is soaking the pedal in HOT water for about five minutes to soften up the rubber. Then, get yourself two flat head short stubby screwdrivers that you can use for wedging the rubber on the metal brake plate. Basically, just put the top of the brake pad on the brake plate first then start pulling out and away at the rubber trying to clip it around the back of the metal brake plate. It will take a good five minutes of patience to get that sucker in place unless you are lucky. Once you get it on, the hard part is over.

Now, you must remove the accelerator pedal. To do this you must remove two bolts with a long neck ratchet and unplug the electronic throttle plug on the top of the metal bar. After removing this the entire assembly will come out.

You can not use the new assembly that Courtesy Nissan will send you because the AE accelerator doesn't use electronic throttle like the 2K2. All you are going to use is the actual metal pedal; that's it. You are going to remove the AE pedal from the metal arm assembly and put it on the 2K2 metal arm assembly. To do this you must remove a black clamp on the back of the AE pedal. Do the same on the stock pedal so that you have it off the assembly arm.

The next tricky part is that the 2K2 bar which the accelerator pedal attaches to is slightly thinner than the AE bar. You will have wrap black electrical tape around the bar for like two turns to accommodate the size of the opening in the AE pedal. Once this is done just put the AE pedal on the metal arm assembly and put it in the car the same way you took it out.



For a very inexpensive price tag the AE pedals give the car that sporty look with a sleek appearance. I feel AE pedals and AE door sills compliment each other very well.