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2K2 Headlight Alarm Fix


2K2 Headlight System ALARM FIX

Also can be applied to people who have installed an aftermarket HID kit.


Tools needed:

- Wire Cutter

- Black Electrical wire tape

- Wire TAP (available at Radio Shack or Pepboys)

- Spade Connectors

- Drill with a 1/8" bit

- Wire Ties

- Splicing tool

- Blue and Butt Connectors (Splices)

- 6' of 18-20ga Wire

- 12V 30Amp Relay 4PIN (available at Radio Shack or Pepboys)

-Screwdriver FLAT (SMALL like a watch screwdriver)




1. The first you will need to do is remove the cover over the Relay box located under the hood on the passenger side of the engine compartment. Then identify the TWO headlamp relays. Here is a picture to show you their locations. PLEASE DOUBLE check as I do not know if this is the exact location on 2000 Maxima, I have 2001.



2. You need to remove the top portion of the relay box so that you an access the bottom of the relays where the wires are. Now to do this, you need to pull back on clips on the side that look like this: There are FIVE of them all the way around the box.



Then you need to move the clips in the CENTER of the relay box and pull up so that you can separate the top side of the relay box. Do the same thing for the bottom side of the relay box, their clips are at the bottom of the relay box. The picture shows where the clips are located. NOTE: The clips needs to be moved towards the CENTER of the box, and then pull on the box top.



3. Now that you got the top portions off, cut the SOLID PINK wire off both of the headlamp relays. Now for the bottom half of the relay box, Tape off the cut end that goes down into the Relay box. You will NOT be using that wire. Here is a picture to better explain the bottom half instructions.



Now for the top half of the relay box, put BUTT connectors on both end of the cut PINK wire. Here is a more detailed picture of what needs to be done. Instructions as to what to connect to these BUTT connectors, it will be addressed later on.



4. Now need to tap into the O2 sensor wire which located on the right side of the engine, right on the stock airpipe. The actual wire you are tapping to is a IGNITION SWITCHED wire, which means, the wire only gets 12V when the car's ignition switch is in the ON position, not the ACC position. This wire is the RED wire with Grey marks on it. Picture shows the wire. Use a wire tap to into the wire. Then run the wire across the engine and over to the relay box.



5. Now Drill a 1/8" hole on the bottom of the Relay Box to get the O2 tapped wire in, and also run ANOTHER wire through that hole which you will need to ground somewhere to the body. Put a SPADE connector on the ends coming into the Relay Box and you will be connecting the O2 tapped wire to the "86" pin on the Relay. The Wire that was grounded to the body, needs to be connected to the "85" pin of the Relay. Here is a small picture showing the Spade connectors connected to the relay.



6. Now you need to connect the Pink coming from the BOTTOM of the relay box that you cut off earlier and put a BUTT connector on to pin "30" on the Relay. Remember, the other pink wire from the other headlamp relay was taped off and tucked away in step 3.


Now the pin on the relay left to connect is the TWO pink wires with BUTT connectors on them that are going INTO each of the headlamp relays. Now connect a wire (short wire about 6") to each BUTT connector of the PINK wire. Now take both wires and join them together and put a SPADE connector on it. Then put that SPADE connector onto pin "87" on the relay. You are NOW DONE with the wiring part.


Now all you have to do is tuck the wires away and put the two halves BACK ONTO the relay box. They will just snap into place. Here is a picture showing the new relay sitting there in an empty spot in the relay box. Looks VERY OEM and nice. PERFECT!!!



7. All you got to do now is test the alarm to see if your fix worked. All I do just hold the panic button the remote. LOVELY!! The Xenons no longer blink. Now remember you Vision or Aftermarket HID kit people also can do the same thing about to keep from blinking also on the alarm, everything is the same.