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2K2 Shift Console Install on 2K-2K1 M/T ONLY


Parts Required: $78.xx + shipping includes console with shift boot, silver ring, and ashtray/ashtray light. Call David Burnette (Nissan Parts Guru) (888)254-6060.


Tools Required: (1)Philips and (2)Slot screw drivers.

Stock 2K-2K1 Constole vs. 2K2

Side-by-side Uninstalled

Remove OLD console:
1) Put gear shift in 4th gear and remove shift knob.
2) Remove ashtray liner.
3) Remove PHILIPS screw(inside bottom of the ashtray).
4) Grab REAR portion of shift boot hole and pull upward till snaps let go.
5) Grab sides of FRONT portion of shift boot hole and pull upward till snaps let go.
6) Slide the console down and back to clear the front lip.
7) Unsnap the 3 electrical connectors:
- Cig. lighter and ashtray light are simple.
- Hazard button has a push button snap on the drivers' side white portion of the connector.

8) Remove OLD console.

Install NEW console:
1) Unsnap the Hazard button on the OLD console and push it out the FRONT side of the console.
2) Push it through front side of the NEW console and secure the snaps.

TRICKY Part: Removing the cig. lighter
3) Pry upward with the 2-slot screw drivers on the North AND South tabs of the BLACK plastic piece, while pushing the METAL piece of the cig. lighter from backside through the front side of the console until removed.
4) Unsnap BLACK plastic piece.
5) Install the BLACK plastic piece FIRST into the NEW console.
6) Slide the metal piece from front side into the BLACK plastic piece on the NEW console.
7) REVERSE the installation steps used to remove the OLD console.

Stock/2K2 Installed

Note: The 2K1 Anniversary Edition pedals and shift knob are also available from Dave B.. Feel free to email questions or comments. Thanks.