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2k2 Stillen FSTB


A Stillen Front Strut Tower Brace can be purchased from and cost $188. I went with Stillen because of it's great reputation, ease of application and amazing design.

The FSTB was very easy to install. First, you must remove the three bolts on the top of both strut towers.



Next, you place both strut brackets on top of the towers and tighten the three bolts with your hands. You don't want to tighten the bolts to tightly at first because you may need to slightly shift the bracket to accommodate the bar.

Then, place the bar between the two brackets and tighten the bolt which hold the bar to the brackets with an Allen key. You will want to tighten this bolt as tight as possible because this is the joint which holds the bar in place.

Now, once the bar is securely in place, tighten the three bolts on top of the towers with a torque wrench. You want to tighten the bolts to about 50lbs of torque. That's it, your done. Very simple to install. The job should not take more than a half an hour to complete.

I immediately felt the difference in the ride of the car when I drove it out of my driveway. The car definitely felt tighter then it did stock and is now better at handling turns at high speeds. The frame doesn't flex as it did in the past which give the car better cornering abilities. Overall, this is a great mod for a reasonable price. Below I gave you a before and after pic of under the hood. The great looking bar alone is worth the money.

Before ---------------------- After