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2k2 Stillen RSTB


A Stillen Rear Strut Tower Brace can be purchased from and cost $173. I went with Stillen because of it's great reputation, ease of application and amazing design.

The RSTB was fairly easy to install. First, you must remove the clip shown here.


Next, you pull back the carpet to expose the top of the tower.

Now remove the two bolts with a 14mm ratchet. You will need a six inch extension to reach the bolt furthest away from you. There is an opening above it that you can use to reach it.

Next, place the Stillen gold bracket over the two holes which are on top of the tower brace. Put the two bolts back on the thread but just loosly for now. You may need some play in order to secure the bar in place.

Put the brace in the groove of the bracket and tighten the bolt loosely with your hand.

Now, complete the above steps on the drivers side of the car.

Once both sides of the brace are in place tighten the two bolts on top of the towers with the ratchet.

Now, use a shop knife and cut the carpet where the bar meets it so that you can put the carpet back to it's original position.


Before ----------------------------- After

I didn't feel that much of difference in the ride of the car when I drove it. The frame might not flex as much in extreme conditions but not where a normal driver would really notice it. I bought this bar mainly for the look and to "complete the box" sort of speak. It is a great looking bar which looks sweet when you open the trunk but I would recommend the FSTB and RSB before this purchase.