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4th Gen Maxima with JDM Nissan Gloria VQ30DET

From the mouths of those involved:


"The car is running rich right now, needs a bit of tuning. I have the video of the car revving up, etc. I will post it on here tomorrow after work. Don't mind the wiring and the mess of wires, hoses in the bay. It still needs to be cleaned up and be made presentable, so no comments on the mess please. And the owner says " to the clowns on that think they know it all by saying it couldn't be done, or it would be too costly".

As for the comment about where it could be found...overseas? Nah, try a junkyard in NYC. As for someone saying it would be well over $2k, ended up being well under $2k to complete the swap. I believe it was a special deal since it was the first, but the motor costs $1k.

BK FTW, and shout to my TB people. "

Pictures inside.. video ADDED