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5th Gen Maxima HID Angel/Demon Eyes Project now complete

After about a month and a half of prototyping, the angel eyes / demon eyes for 5th gen maximas are complete. i've been working with the creator, UMNITZA INC. this person has done the IS300 angel eyes and if anyone has been following the angel eyes project, it was successful with the IS300 forum, but it was also because of their help. now it is our turn to get angel eyes for our cars. but obviously, our help is needed because there are always costs. i will let Matt, aka UMNITZA take over and discuss everything that is needed. he will cover all of the details. but everyone, the ANGEL EYES ARE READY. pictures can be viewed here on my site, a few of some bmw lights and some beta pictures of what ours look like.

I repeat, this is no longer an idea. it's. all that's left is to complete what we can do to help progress the production of our angel eyes. for anyone that helps, there is going to be a discounted cost for the first 50 people, as those are the ones helping out productions costs with a deposit of $50. i will let matt follow through with details. but this is it. let's go.


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