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95-96 Clear Corner "Rewire" -- Making it Brighter.


Stuff you need: Phillips head screwdriver, flathead screwdriver, nail clippers, electrical tape

1)Remove your clearance light housing. It's pretty simple, just pop the hood and remove the screw that holds it in. With a little bit of tugging, you can pull the side closest to the doors (not the front side) out (it goes behind a little plastic flap). look down into the hood and find the little ball joint socket that holds the clearance light in. take a screwdriver (flathead) and pop it out of that socket. there the light is out.

2)Remove the bulb from the light by twisting it and pulling it out. Place the clearance light housing onto the ground.

3)In your hand you should have the bulb in socket connected to the wires for it. The bulb can be removed from its socket by being twisted and then pulled out. do so now.

4)Look at the bulb closely. On the metal base (below the glass) you can see two metal "nubs." Take fingernail clippers and snip the one CLOSEST TO THE GLASS (the higher one).

5)Cut a strip of electrical tape about 2 inches long and 1/4 inch high. Wrap this tape around the spot where the nub was so that it covers the spot (but not the other nub). This is to ensure a secure connection in the socket.

6)Look down into the socket of the bulb. You can see two notches where the nubs were to be secured (one for the higher nub and one for the lower nub). The bulb, however, now has only one nub (the lower one). Here's the tricky part: you want to put the bulb in so that the lower nub (the remaining one) goes in the spot that the higher nub was supposed to (don't worry if the electrical tape gets pushed a bit).

7) Now that the bulb is back in socket, replace the socket in the housing but don't put the housing back on yet. Flip your lights on to make sure that the job worked (I haven't seen it fail when you use electrical tape). Once your confident that it worked replace the housing (make sure its in there!).

8)Repeat on other side.

That's it! Takes less than 10 minutes to do!