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95-96 OEM Fog Light(bulb replacement)

Press your finger on the top of the small piece of plastic next to the fog light. The bottom of the plastic part will flip out. Lift the bottom up and then pull back.
Once the part is at this level...pull back toward you.
Overview of the fog minus the side piece. Close-up in the next picture.
Remove the single 10mm bolt/Phillips screw.
Once the 10mm is out the light will come out easily. Pull slightly to the center of the car.
Spin off the black cap and look inside. There is a small chrome wire holding the back on the bulb housing inside the light. You will also have to disconnect the white wire from the housing. It is attached to the cap that spins off.
Here is a added BONUS. You can now see were I mounted my air horns.

Jeff Ketch