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97-99 AE headlights


If you've done the red/clear taillight mod, then you can do the AE Headlights for the 4th generation Maxima. Remove the headlights from the vehicle first off. Take them inside. Take the metal clips off of the Headlight housing with a flathead screw driver. There should be 5 of them. Next, do exactly as with the tails. Heat the oven up to about 250, and put the Headlights in for about 10-15 minutes. Take them out and VERY GENTLY pry the lens from the housing. If you rush this, you'll break the housing.

Next, mask off what you don't want painted. Make sure you cover what you want to stay chrome. No turning back after you paint. I used blue "painting" masking tape from Wal-Mart. Paint with an appropriate paint. Once again, I used Duplicolor wheel paint. This time I used Graphite color wheel paint. The wheel paint withstands the high heat of the bulbs very well.



Remove that nasty masking tape once the paint is nice and dry. Make sure the paint is dry people.

Put the lens back on the housing after cleaning the chrome with an appropriate cleaner. I chose to polish the inside of the lens with plexi polish as well.

Reheat the housing and lens in the oven again at 250 degrees for approximately 10-15 minutes. Gently press the lens and housing back together. Once together, you can place the metal clips back on. Now put them on the car and oooogle at them.

Step back a little further and take a really good look.