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97-99 Nissan Maxima Red/Clear Taillights

One of the first and most important modifications needed for the Maxima is getting rid of those ugly orange lenses in the taillights. They look horrible next to the clear lenses on the reverse lights. You probably already replaced the front orange turn signals and replaced them with the Diamond Cut Bumper Lights, now the rears are next.

These are brand new left and right side OEM Nissan taillights that have had the inner orange lens professionally removed and replaced with a precision-cut clear lens. The lens was cut on a $60,000 laser cutting machine and fits PERFECTLY. Due to this very laborious process, many people try opening up their own taillights to remove the lens, but usually end up damaging their taillights. It's a unique addition to the Maxima and goes perfect with the front clear corners.

Pictures on Maximas: