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Hi everyone,
I just installed the Addco RSB and thought i'd do a little write up on it...

Step 1:
Drag out the car ramps and back the Max on up. (Per John at Addco "the suspension should NOT be allowed to "hang" like if you were to simply jack up the car. He said to definitely use ramps!)

Now you are looking at a stock rear end!

Step 2: (optional)
Remove the *2* emergency brake line bolts (10mm) on each trailing arm. There will be 6 bolts total (3 on each trailing arm) **Just remove the rear most 2** (see pic) (I say optional, because I removed the passenger side bolts, but didn't on the driver's. You can do this mod without removing these bolts.)

Step 3:
Install the bushings by applying some lube to them (so not to squeak). Then gently "pry" the bushing apart with your hands to make it go onto the bar.

Step 4:
There are **4** plates with this kit. The plates with the 2 "oval" circles go with the "U-bolts". The other 2 plates go with the [ & ] "square bolts" they have a "oval" and a "circle" in them. (the square bolts go onto the trailing the tires) See pic below:

Step 5:
Install the U-bolts first...this way it mounts it to the car and you can easily move it around to mount to the trailing arms. I didn't tighten them up that much at this point.

Step 6:
Install the trailing arm bushings. This step is really easy! just make sure you put the bolts IN BETWEEN the brake line and trailing arm! Pinched brake lines aren't fun....

Step 7:
Install the 4 brake line bolts (10mm) back into the trailing arms. (If you removed them).

Step 8:
Tighten ALL of the 14mm bolts that attaches the RSB to the vehicle!

Step 9:
YOU DID IT!! It should look like this:

Just remember to take your time, and think it through...ANYONE can do this!

Here's what it now looks like from behind:

I am VERY pleased with the results from this bar (especially since it only cost me $48 from work...HAHAHHA....
The car seems much more level in the turns, and so much tighter out back!