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Addco RSB Installation


The following directions can be utilized in the installation of an Addco RSB onto a 5th Generation (2000-2003) Maxima. Installation onto a 4th generation (1995-1999) should be similar. It is recommended that two people perform the installation, but, one person could accomplish the task. Please view pictures with steps for additional detailed information.


Step 1. Using either a lift, car jacks or ramps, lift car for easy access. Do not rely on the factory tire jack nor a pneumatic jack. Make sure vehicle is secure prior to installation.

Step 2. Open packages that came with the Addco RSB and arrange parts. If the vehicle is a 5th generation Maxima, two new side side U-bolts are included with the kit since the original U-Bolts will not fit the 5th generations trailing arms. You should have the following with the kit:
  4ea bushings (with hardware)
  2ea mid-section brackets (Large "U" brackets)
  2ea mid-section bushings
  2ea mid-section base plates
  2ea side U-Bolts (4ea if 5th gen kit)
  2ea side base plates (base plates with slots)
  8ea washers
  8ea locknuts

Step 3. Remove the bushings from their mounting hardware. Install the four bushings by sliding them onto the bar or by opening them via the slit in each and work them onto the bar. Two bushings should be on the back section (flat section up) and two should be near each end of the bar (flat section facing outward). Press the bushing hardware back onto the bushings.

Step 4. Under the vehicle, install the rear of the bar first. Hook a mid-section bracket over the axle. Slip a mid-section base plate onto the bracket and, holding up the RSB, slide the bracket through the bushing hardware. Use one washer and one locknut for each bolt. Position the bracket approx 4.5-5" in from the curve of the RSB on each side. Do not tighten at this time. Repeat for the other side.

Step 5. On each side, following similar steps as in step 4, install the side brackets onto the trailing arms. On 5th Gens, the U-Bolts should be placed behind the brake lines. Initially, install the brackets 1" in from the end of the bar.

Step 6. Tighten lock nuts down to 25ft lbs of torque. If you do not have a torque wrench, tighten the lock nuts until the bushing hardware bends into the base plates.

Step 7. Road test the vehicle.


Adjusting Sway Bar: The Addco RSB may be adjusted to different rates by sliding the side bracket assembly further back on the bar. Sliding the assembly back increases the effect of the sway bar.


Clunks: If you having problems with clunks over large bumps, check your installation and make sure all hardware is secure and torque's appropriately. If this is not the problem, make sure the passenger side bracket on the axle is far enough in to avoid hitting the panhard bar. If this is the case, loosen and adjust the bracket further in to avoid the panhard bar. If this is not acceptable, you can grind down the corner of the bracket to add additional clearance to avoid the bar mount.


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