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This may be the most unique engine swap that has been undertaken over at the Trust HQ in Japan and that we have the privilege of posting about. What it consists of is a completely reworked both internally and externally Nissan 180SX(S13) for competition at the Nardo high speed ring for a glimpse at breaking the 400Km/h(248.5mph) record. How will they accomplishes such a feat? Start off with a 1100+hp VR38 pulled directly from the Blitz R35 and stroke that to 4.0L, add two massive TD06-25G blowers, a V-mount intercooler/radiator set up mated to a Hollinger sequential transmission and you are in for one wild ride. Toru Kawashima from Trust has put in countless man hours of custom fabrication to produce the now dubbed "380SX" beast.

For more information on this build see our friends at Speed Hunters