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Berk Intake Install


step 1- remove the plastic trim piece over the grill/radiator
step 2- remove the air dam intake over the radiator by removing the 4 tab screws with a flat head screw driver.
step 3- unplug the MAF sensor
step 4- loosen the clamp that attaches the mid pipe to the MAF sensor pipe using an 8mm Socket
step 5- open up the air filter box an remove the air filter
step 6- loosen the bolt that attaches to the black bracket on the fender wall
step 7- take the mid pipe off of the MAF sensor pipe.
step 8- Remove the lid of the air box
step 9- Gently, but firm, pull up on the remainder of the air box and it will pull out of a rubber grommet that holds it in place
step 10- remove the MAF pipe from the air box.
step 11- attach MAF pipe to the new elbow. make sure you use the gasket provided.
step 12- loosen the clap attached to the throttle body and remove the plastic mid pipe. remember to disconnect the breather hose.
step 13- install the new mid pipe using the silicone hose and two clamps.
step 14- attach the filter to the elbow
step 15- use the second silicone hose to attach the MAF pipe to the mid pipe
this is going to take some work and you will have to play with it to fit it into the area.
step 16- bolt the elbow back onto the fender wall bracket
step 17- attach the MAF cable back onto the MAF sensor
step 18- replace the air scoop/dam
step 19- replace the plastic trim