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Bomz Racing 00-up Nissan Maxima Front Upper Strut Bar

Bomz Racing Strut Bars and Lower Tie-barsare constructed with the highest quality materials. Unlike our competitions, our main bar is constructed from a solid piece of aluminum alloy instead of just a steel tube, machined into the specific length and angle to the application, and then chrome plated to a mirror finish. Our mounting plates are made from high-strength steel, and powder-coated to a long lasting silver finish.


Unlike a specially built race car with space frame construction, most of the cars on the street today are built with metal sheets welding together ? a very cost-effective but not the strongest way. And the weakest point of the whole chassis is where the engine goes (or where the trunk is) - the big hole between the two strut towers. By simply installing the Bomz Racing Strut Bar and the Lower Tie-bar, you connected the pivot points together, making the whole front/rear end into a space frame construction. It makes your car stronger than ever, your steering quicker and more responsive. You can feel the turn-in become much sharper, and holding the line much better. The Bomz Racing Bars are especially important if you have upgraded your suspension and tires. With larger tire and upgraded suspension, more of the road disturbance will be transferred to the strut tower, unsettling your chassis and thus the handling. With the Bomz Racing Strut Bar and the Lower Tie-Bar installed, instead of the chassis absorbing the disturbance, the suspension itself will absorb the disturbance, doing what it was designed to do.


Bomz Racing Strut Bars and Lower Tie-bars can be installed in minutes on most application simply by bolting onto the factory strut/tower retaining studs or bolts. They can also be easily removed for easy access to the engine, or removal of the engine.

From street to all-out competition, the Bomz Racing Strut Bar and the Lower Tie-bar are must for all uni-body cars