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Bose Woofer Cut Off Fix For 2000 Maxima


I've read several threads that deal with the intermittent and sometimes terminal Bose woofer cut off problem, woofer stops working. Some have identified what was thought to be the cause of the problem; little black box shorted, bad connectors, amp not working, and etc. All are good probable causes but none seemed to really nail down the problem and in turn provide a repair that absolutely corrected the problem without removing or modifying parts or having the problem return.

In any case, this is my humble attempt to provide a definitive cause and solution that eliminates the problem for the 2000 Maxima.

The harness and circuit board pictured below appeared to have no continuity problems. I then examined the circuit board under a magnifying glass and found the 5 soldered joints that are circled in the last picture which connect the little black box to the circuit board were all broken. I could barely see the broken joints. I re-soldered each joint. This has eliminated the woofer cut off problem.

Repair Procedure

  1. Remove the harness in the picture below which is located on the side of the woofer housing (do so by sliding the two connectors off of the black housing of the woofer)
  2. Slide the zip tie off of the two joined connections
  3. Unplug the 2 connectors
  4. Remove the harness by detaching the 2 tie downs from the base that the woofer is attached to (do this by removing the woofer grill on the rear parcel shelf and pushing the tie downs through their holes)
  5. Carefully cut through the foam and plastic cover under the foam to fully expose the circuit board (see picture below)
  6. Re-solder the joints circled in the picture below
  7. Recover circuit board with plastic and foam
  8. Re-install part