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Carbon Fiber Trunk Lids(97-99)

The time has come and the Carbon Fiber Trunk Lid is finally ready for production. Finally. After the creation of 3 separate molds, about 2 full on finished attempts, we have finally come out with a perfect mold and a trunk lid worthy of resale.

IonicDynamics will be the provider of this group deal, and pricing will be divulged upon creation of a group deal thread in the next day or so. I just received the first lid and it looks the be in great shape. The fitment is excellent on this piece. All of the stock parts line up perfectly and leave no large gaps or overhangs.

I am only posting a teaser picture for the night until I can pull the car out tomorrow in the daylight and shoot some good shots of the trunk lid. Unfortunately this go-around is for the 97-99 owners, however, the 97-99 trunk lid fits the 95-96 cars.. it will just not line up perfectly with the rear bumper and lights.

This is not the best picture to go off of, however the trunk keyhole has been shaved. There has been an incredible weight loss with this piece; stock I believe is 45lbs (from Nissan) to this unit which is just shy of 20lbs. There will be tons more details in the group deal thread, but I wanted this out there to really get the attention of you guys and get this thing moving.


Pictures inside..

-Jason Sadler