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Carbonfiber Hood for 4th & 5th Gens!

Sorry for the delay but finally I got some pics of installed cf hoods on 4th gen 5th gen for yall. Thanks to Agyei and Joe for making the trip out in this crappy weather to have the install done. Thanks to Initial D for offering the great prices on hood install.

Fitment is excellent! UV protectant clear coat finish and the carbonfiber lining on the hoods are factory quality. No blemishes or uneven sections (unlike the FI hoods). Reinforced with fiberglass skeletal frame, these hoods are structurally solid. Best of all, the edges of the cf hood line up perfectly along stock fenders, headlights and the grille (on both 4th and 5th gen).


2k3 Maxima:

Closeup pics of the carbonfiber and clearcoat (latch closed):'

4th Gen Maxima:

Closeup pics of the carbonfiber and clearcoat (latch unclosed):

Underside of 4th gen cf hood: