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Cattman (PR) CAI for the 2004 Maxima

A Message from one of our sponsors "Cattman Performance", this message includes information on how this potential intake system can be manufactured with the right amount of user participation. If you have a 2004 Maxima and would like to see how you can get something like this done, please join us inside.

I?ve been told by one of my customers that the CAI for the 02-04 V6 Altima will go straight into the 04 Maxima. I have three of these kits on hand and obviously there are more where they came from, but before I can confidently sell them I need to know first hand that the installation works physically, and that the instructions don?t have any inconsistencies. I?d also like to get pictures and before and after dyno runs.

So, I need someone who is reasonably capable and creative when it comes to installation work, is near a dyno facility that can be trusted to do a good job (minimum of 5-7 runs per session) at a fair price for a split session (I?ll pay about $75, more than that is a rip-off), is willing to take some digital pics during the process, and is available to do all this right away. Living near Tucson (me) or Detroit (a good dyno facility I know of) would be an advantage, but not essential.

In return for accepting these uncertainties, agreeing to do the dyno runs, taking pics and getting it all done without delay, I?ll cut the price of the CAI from $220 to $100 and I?ll refund that if it can?t be installed for some reason but the customer will be responsible for returning it in re-sellable condition.  I expect the installer to be reasonably creative if the instructions are not precise for the Maxima, and to provide feedback on what needs to be changed.  Generally it will either fit or it won?t since the physical location of everything it attaches to or passes through is fixed. Going out of the engine compartment through an existing hole would seem to take the guesswork out of locating a new one.

It sounds silly to say I?m taking applications for this, but if you are interested contact me directly at, and give me a sense of why you would be the most appropriate (and capable) person to install and evaluate this new part.

Brian C Catts
Cattman Performance