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Cattman-Progress Coilover System

I'm very pleased to report that the new Cattman-Progress coilover system
will be available on April 23.

We're kicking off the new and long awaited suspension with a pre-release
sale and they are available in versions for both the 1995-1999 Maximas/I30s
(part #COILG4) and 2000-2003 Maxima/I30/I35 (part #COILG5). For purchases
made prior to April 23, the price is reduced to $1175 for the coilovers,
and from to $50 for the camber adjustment kit, a total savings of $200 over
retail ($1350/$75). Orders can be called in to our order line, 800.759.9920.

The system is complete: purpose-built struts, springs, all hardware, and
installation instructions. These have been engineered specifically for the
Maxima, I30 and I35, rather than assembled from off the shelf parts like
some of the rough-riding and noisy competing systems from Japan. Springs
rates, strut valving and the shortened strut bodies are perfectly
integrated to provide both optimal ride and handling on the Maxima/I30/I35
platform. Put them on, set the height where you want it (from -1" to -3"),
get the car aligned, and they are ready to perform excellently without any
further guesswork or adjustment. The coilovers totally transform the car
-- more grins per mile than anything we sell.

The new design is an innovative departure from every other coilover system
available for the Maxima. Progress Technology's approach emphasizes
comfort and street friendly operation without giving up any
performance. They explain and illustrate their approach better than I can
at their website, (they're not on our website
yet). Click at the left on "Competition Series", then select "Coilovers"
from the drop-down menu.

Quality control is excellent on these and they look really sweet too (I'll
have photos soon). We developed them on Cheston Chiu's Maxima and he has
very successfully track-tested them on the street and at Button Willow
Raceway. I can say without reservation that these are exactly what we
designed them to be, the best coilover system available for the Maxima --
best on the street, best on the track, very smooth and quiet at all speeds
and while turning, and backed by Progress Technology, a solid US-based
company that is there every day to provide technical support,
custom-engineered re-valving services for all racing purposes (drag or open
track racing), and warranty support. JIC and Tien can offer nothing like this.

Some customers may want to also purchase the optional Progress camber
adjustment kit. Though not required installing or aligning the car to
factory specs, its necessary for dialing in more negative camber and allows
it to be conveniently re-positioned without putting the car back on an
alignment rack each time. We really like this 4-bolt camber adjustment
design because it allows far more adjustment than traditional camber plate
kits (up to -3 degrees, vs a little over -1 degree, which isn't very
useful), and it avoids the noise, looseness and potential slippage of
camberplate designs. It can be indexed so that camber can be easily
returned to street settings.

Let me know if you have any questions. We're excited by this opportunity
and we know owners of this new system will be too!

Brian C Catts