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Cattman VQ30DE headers pictures

Here are the pics we shot today of the Cattman Performance VQ30DE header system. I'll let the picture pretty much speak for itself, but will note that the quality of welding and craftsmanship is outstanding, my Kiwi mates did well.

Also note the one-piece primaries and equal length secondaries. This illustrates why the system has to be designed as a whole, including the y-pipe. All the flanges are extra thick, the flex is strong and lined. The sound made by the equal length tubing is like music - the classic deep warble, instead of a harsh buzz - unlike any y-pipe I've ever heard.

Price is $750. All gaskets and hardware needed are an extra $20. These are on the shelf, ready to ship and will fit ALL 1995-2001 VQ30DE engines. I finally realized all that's needed to make these work on the CA/NLEV vehicles is the same solution used for conversion to Federal-spec manifolds, i.e. simply re-positioning the rear 2 O2 sensors behind the cat.

Note that it breaks down into 4 pieces and the shipping rates aren't that bad. We do include installation instructions, but not for the fainthearted or inexperienced.

The following dyno chart compares the headers with a stock y-pipe on a rather tired 97 SE with 100k+ miles. Note that the tested headers were not ceramic coated, and this will have a significant effect on heat retention and tubing wall friction (which will likely be good for a couple more horsepower).

Although peak horsepower increased by 16.4hp and peak torque by 14.9 ft/lbs, this does not describe how the power curve was extended by 500+ rpm instead of falling off a cliff. The Cattman headers added 16.5-18.6 more hp from 4800-6200 rpm and 15.5-18.5 more ft/lbs of torque from 4600-5800 rpm.

Brian C Catts