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Cefiro Retrofit Mini Write-up


A couple guys have asked me how difficult this was so I figured Id post a few pics of the process. The cool thing with the cefiros is that you don't have to cut the reflector out to fit the projectors in. From the beginning;

1: The old oven trick to get them apart (about 15 min at 275)


2: Once you've got the lenses off unscrew the reflector from the back of the headlight (2 screws)

3: From here simply place the projector in the reflector and add the bezel. My bezels originally held two lights so we dremel it down to a circle.

4: Now for the only real cutting you'll have to do - there's a circular tab going around the back of the housing (just dremel it off)

I bought some JB weld but never had to use it because everything fit so snug and the bulb holder sandwiched the projector to the reflector. from here it was a little left to right adjustment by hand of the projector but that's about it before the lenses go back on.

Finished Pictures: