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CoryXavier BOP (Block-Off Plate) Install


For those who are curious about trying it or want help installing here is a step by step. I'll update in the future with my results after testing and will only post my initial impressions for now.

The Block Off Plates themselves are well made, and they don't look like they were rushed at all care went into each set. The set also comes with 8 black Torx T-25 screws that are shorter than the OEM ones which you need to install, and two blue caps to cover the spots that you disconnect the VIAS assembly from.

Tools needed: Torx-25 socket piece, right angle socket wrench (the smaller the better), allen wrench (to take off engine cover), flat head screwdriver (to partially remove intake) and a little patience when working in small areas.

Step 1: Remove primary engine cover, this requires an allen wrench (didn't check what size, I have a multi-size tool and just tried until one fit)

Step 2: Partially remove your intake for clearance on the right BOP which is directly next to the intake. I disconnected the small tube and moved it out of the way as well as disconnected the intake itself and moved it to the side an inch or two

Step 3: Remove the 4 T-25 Torx bolts holding on the right VIAS piece, disconnect the small tube as it will prevent you from removing it, then slide it out backwards (be careful as it has a piece that extends into the intake manifold)

Step 4: Install the smaller BOP aligning it to the screw holes and using the 4 black Torx T-25 screws provided with the set. Tighten until the screws are snug, do not overtorque

Step 5: Cap off the solenoid with one of the provided blue caps

Step 6: Remove the 4 T-25 Torx bolts holding on the left VIAS piece, which is towards the left rear of the intake manifold (under the strut bar if you have one). This was hard as the area to work in is small but I did not have to remove my strut bar (Racingline) I just used a mini 90 degree angle socket wrench and slowly worked them out. Here is where patience is key.

Step 7: Remove the tube connected to the solenoid from the left VIAS piece (if you haven't already) and cap it with the other provided blue cap

Step 8: Install the larger BOP on the left aligning it with the screw holes (with the large bump pointing upwards) using the other 4 black Torx T-25 screws that come provided with the set, tighten until the screws are snug do not overtorque

Step 9: Don't forget to re-attach the intake pieces you removed in step 2

Step 10: Reset your ECU (disconnect negative terminal on battery and leave off for 10 minutes, reconnect)

What we have left over (VIAS assembly)