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Create custom LED Map/Dome lights


Phillips Screw Driver
Flat head screw driver
Soldering Iron
50ohm resistors(or 100ohm) - See
Led Cluster:
Hot glue gun
Wire strippers/Cutters
Shrink Wrap(optional)


Remove the map light by just pulling it down. It will come out easily. Get the boards and glue one board in the middle. Take another board and remove it from its base. Glue this one in next to the first board.


Solder one ground to another.
- Yes I know it looks like **** but I don't want any comments on it

Run the wires through the holes and solder in as shown. The grey wire with the blue stripe is POSITIVE and the solid wire is the NEG.

Daytime pic - no flash

Daytime with cover on.

Dome light:
Now on to the dome light. Remove the cover on the dome light and then remove the 2 Phillips screws holding it in place.
You can mount the leds however you want. I wanted to keep the stock parts in so I did it this way. I cut off one end of the board making sure I didn't cut any traces EXCEPT the ones that connect the (+) and (-) on each side. Be careful when doing this.

This is how I installed the boards. Connect the grounds to eachother and you want to make sure you connect the grounds to the WHITE wire and the white wire ONLY. If you don't you would be able to retain the ON and Door open function. The hot glue also keeps the connections from touching so they wont short out.

Run the wires as shown.

Install like shown. The Grey/blue wire is positive once again.

Test just to make sure I wired it properly haha.

PLENTY of output

Now go back and install it in the car...

Output pictures: