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CustomMaxima Polished Racing Straight Pipe

Exclusively available from, this little pipe is a inexpensive way to get an approximated 11 additional horsepower out of your Maxima. Manufactured in a state of the art racing parts development facility, with a 100% precise fitment guarantee. We have test fitted this pipe and have found it to fit better and install easier then the factory Nissan catalytic converters. Simply remove your factory catalytic converter and replace with this pipe. Installation is very simple, we highly recommend the installation kit which provides you with new gaskets and bolts. The installation kit is not necessary but make installation alot easier. took a 1995 Maxima to a dyno shop and put the new racing pipe to the test. They gained an astounding 11.2 horsepower and 7.5 ft lbs of torque gain when tested against the factory catalytic converter. Furthermore the sound level was only increased slightly, thanks to its unique built in resonator. Be aware of cheap imitations that are just a hollow pipe with flanges on each side, those cheap imitations ruin the sound from your exhaust giving it a high pitch popping sound. This pipe has a unique built in resonator providing excellent sound dampening without restricting any horsepower. However this Racing pipe had been tested on a Maxima equipped with the following modifications (Cattman Y-Pipe, Cat-Back Exhaust, Unorthodox Underdrive Pulley, Place Racing Cold Air Intake) it would undoubtedly gain relatively the same gains. Dyno Results can be viewed here: