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Cyrus Mistry (Car of the Month Apr 2003)

Even though on a tight budget Cyrus was able to build this car up to the machine it is today, with its nice styling and its beautiful stance this is first class all the way. Don't be fooled by the shifter its not what you think it is.. I give a two thumbs up to this one! Read on...


Engine Performance







APC billet oil cap, APC breather, APC Intimidator intake (HAI), Arospeed red engine loom, Frankencar red midpipe, NGK Platinum plugs, Optima Red-top battery, Painted spark-plug cover and accents, Polished valve-cover (in the works), Southwest Autoworks battery tie-down


Wheels, Tires, Suspension, & Brakes








Addco zinc-plated RSB, Courtesy Nissan RSTB, FSTB, Energy Suspension FSB endlink bushings, Energy Suspension FSB midbar bushings KYB AGX adjustable struts/shocks, Moog camber bolts, Sprint Performance Suspension springs (rear coils cut & all wrapped), Racing Hart CP-035 17"x7.5" wheels (13.6 lbs.), Yokohama Avid H4 Directional 215/45-17 tires







D.C. clear corners (V 2.0), Grille-Tech 3pc silver mesh grill (custom install), JDM Nismo badge, LeBra bra, Shaved pin-stripes and door pillar adhesive, VHT "Cast Aluminium" caliper paint, AAA strobelight (in trunk), Excelon Orb Advance strobes (in corners), Naxos Xenon Blue headlight bulbs (100/80 watts), Pilot Motorsports strobes (in corners), PolarG 25watt cornerlights, Soei red interior/trunk/license courtesy bulbs








Dynamat eXtreme (in certain places), Ichibahn Cruz Auto shiftknob, Nokya Motorsports pedals, OEM 1999 Maxima Homelink Sunvisor, Telsa Electronics G-Tech Pro, White Speedo/Tach/Gas/Oil needles, Wheelskin steering wheel wrap (black/red leather), black shift & ebrake boots






Boston Acoustics FX-6 speakers (all around), Boston Acoustics wiring, Crimestopper Millennium FX remote pager, Eclipse 54400 CD receiver


Maxima of the Month