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Eibach Suspension Noise Fix


Similar to our clunky and rattling suspension fix this how-to will eliminate the popping sounds in your suspension with Eibach Springs. I wasn't sure if anyone was still having issues with their Eibach springs or not but I finally found the cause for some of us having problems. I noticed that almost everyone that had issues with the springs had the same story. Basically everyone started having problems about 1-2 weeks after installation. Once the springs are installed they tend to settle a little, and this is where the problem starts. When the spring settles the strut is so compressed that all the weight of the car is being held mainly by the strut. When the strut begins to hold most of the cars weight it allows the spring to spin and that's what causes popping and snapping. Solution: Well, there's a couple of ways to solve the problem. One solution is spring isolators. My solution was to wrap the bottom of the spring with very thick heater hose. The heater hose pushed the spring up about 1/2" or more, allowing more of the cars weight to be held by the spring and eliminating all the noises. I did this about 3 months ago and haven't posted anything until now because I wanted to make sure the mod worked. Hope this helps anyone still having the problem.