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Eric (Car of the Month December 2006)



Eric sure knows how make a subtle but aggressive 97 Maxima.... Read on to see what I mean.



  • Warpspeed Y
  • Cattman B
  • HKS Sports Exhaust
  • Intake resonator delete
  • Blehmco engine ground wires
  • SS clutch line
  • Clutchnet smooth-lock clutch






  • Tein Basic coilover
  • FSTB
  • Progress/Cattman rear sway bar
  • Volk Racing Progressive 17x8.0 +31(f), 17x9.0 +44(r)
  • Kumho SPT 235/45(f) 255/40(r)
  • SS Brake lines
  • Raxles axles




  • Stillen underbody aero
  • Red/clear tails
  • Dual beam headlights with 5000k HID













  • Larrio's polyurethane shifter bushing
  • Redlinegoods Leather Shifter and e-brake boots
  • AVT aluminum pedals
  • Clarion MP3/CD
  • Infiniti Reference 6.5"







Maxima of the Month