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Exedy Stage 1 Clutches for '84-'01 Maximas

EXEDY racing clutches with organic friction materials utilize only premium materials to provide maximum resistance to slippage and burst. EXEDY organic clutches can also handle modified engines due to the increased clamp loads. Drivability with EXEDY organic clutches is similar to that of stock clutches. Pedal efforts will be slightly higher due to the higher clamp loads. As with all EXEDY clutch discs, EXEDY organic clutches feature high capacity spring center dampers designed to reduce drive train shock and impact (

Exedy Clutches are a JDM company. Clutch Kit fits 1984-2001 Maxima 5-speeds. Clutch kit includes Pressure Plate, Clutch Disc, Release bearings, and clutch alignment tool. It's a 36% clamping increase over stock next to the ACT HDMM that has a 39% clamping increase. It's definitely the best bag for the buck.