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First Turbo Talk


When Nissan introduced the VQ30DE motor in 95 for the Maxima, it was praised in magazines
for having a powerful, smooth, reliable V6, now 6 years later, the VQ30DE is still being praised
 as one of the best V6 motors ever. Stillen, an aftermarket performance shop, has chosen to
 improve on this by producing a Supercharger kit available to 95+ Maxima. Stillen claims this
 kit gives 80hp at ?? psi. When i was ready to go boost in my 95 Max. I looked at my choices.
 It was only the Stillen Supercharger, not having any experience with blowers and having
 done many turbo kits for Honda's and others.

I wanted to turbo charge my
Max. Nobody producing a kit
made this a big challenge but
also much incentive to me
because barely anyone at all
would have a Turbo in their
Maxima. I love the look on
people's faces when they hear
my blow off valve on the streets.
The Turbo i chose was a T3/T4
hybrid with a larger exhaust
turbine. This turbo should flow
up to about 420hp. A custom
down pipe routes exhaust gases
from both rear and front bank
cylinders to the turbo and exit
through a 2.5" full exhaust system.
 (i hope to have 3" piping soon)
Full boost kicks in at 3500rpm.
Hopefully i can get full boost at
3000rpm after my 3" exhaust system
 and reworked exhaust manifolds.



Engine conditions can be monitored by 4 Apexi backlit Indiglow gauges. These include EGT, Boost,
Fuel pressure, water temp. Additional electronics include an Apexi AFC for fine tuning of the Air/fuel
ratios and an Apexi AVC-R to control boost. I custom mounted the AVC-R, AFC, and Water temp
gauge inside my glove box. The Apexi AVC-R and AFC can also be used to monitor MAF %, Injector
 duty cycle, Throttle %, RPM, and MPH. Larger turbo's can benefit from the AVC-R's scramble boost
setting and start duty settings. Additional fuel is provided by 2 440cc additional injectors controlled
by an HKS AIC III.

If anyone was planning to piece together a turbo system, depending on price budget, you can go
with different products to save money. I would recommend the Apexi gauges only if your wallet is
big, they look really nice at nite and have many useful features. Features of the Apexi gauges are
Peak hold, Warning level, and Memory. The Warning level is very useful as when your racing or
tuning the motor, you don't need to pay attention to the gauges. Just set warning level, once
you see the red light flashing, let off the throttle. Another boost controller can be used as the
AVC-R retail price is $489.I would recommend using a custom Turbo ECU program like that offered
from Jim Wolf Technology and using stock 300ZXTT injectors. These are rated at 370cc and should
max out at about 400hp. Using the HKS AIC and additional injectors is pretty costly and much harder
to fine tune. If boosting more then 8psi then an intercooler would be useful, be aware that i had
detonation at around 9psi and up. Running low boost of 6psi and under I believe no intercooler
would be needed.

The car has not been dynoed yet but goals are somewhere within the 420-450 engine hp range.
11 sec time slips are possible with adequate traction although I don't plan to drag it much. I am
not a big fan of drag racing as i feel it doesn't emphasize much on driver skill yet more on how
much money spent on car and tuning. Road Racing is much funnier because it emphasizes more
on driver skill and all aspects of the car not just the motor. A built motor will go into the car soon
including lower compression pistons, connecting rods, Custom cams, stainless steel valves, copper
head gasket, and port/polished head

Other mods include a VLSD tranny, custom blue paint, and black leather interior. If you have any
questions or comments don't hesitate to email me at
We do a lot of custom modifications and plan to have our performance shop open within 2 years.
If your in the bay area don't forget to check us out.