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Fix armrest rattle


The center console has a pop up function, (annoying to me but that's out of the point) when the console pad is in the up position, it becomes a little weak since most of the pressure is put onto it is a the front part and forces the back to try to hold in place all the weight. The cushion pad is held in place by four (4) screws, one in each corner and after so much work the rear screws seem to fall or become very loose making this pop up jiggle more than usual. You can fix it yourself or get the dealer to fix it under warranty as I did.

Well, this is what i am talking about:

In the down position: LEFT; up position: RIGHT


See how much of the console is just up in the air?? well THAT is were we all put most of the pressure which forces the rear of the console to basically hold all our (my) weight.

Well, so lets fix it. Put the pop up pad down, open the console and expose the two screws you will have to remove (circles indicate them).

Remove those two screws and then starting from either lower corner (where the screws came out of) pry it open with a screw driver ( or nails if you have them long ??) insert something in that corner. Keep prying open upwards nothing to worry there nothing to delicate in there just pry it little by little. Once you get to the upper corner you should be able to just lift it from the screw's corner up and out.

once you remove'll see this:

Remove the four screws that are circled, the three screws below them are for the hinge and stuff. After you remove the first two, you might want to hold the pop up with your hand so it is not supported by only one or two screws which might cause the plastic to break, we don't want that.

Four screws removed you will get this; the support cushion pad, the first cover you removed, and the other piece that was held by the last four screws you removed.

well THIS is the problem...

The rear screws are the ones that come loose mine were not even there by the time i took it apart. So if yours are just loose, tight them up and if the are missing, remove one of the other and go to the nearest hardware store or automotive parts store and test for the best fit. Remember it is going into plastic so you don't want extra big screws or whatever. To access those screws you can pop the pad up try to push the button to release it...what ?? it doesn't work ?? try putting it right side up. For some reason it only pops up if it is in the upright position.

Well, to put it back together just do the above in reverse. I only have one suggestion, when you tighten the outer two screws you know the ones you removed first be extra careful, they will eat the plastic and then they wont tighten so do like me.

With your fingers, hold the pieces together as tight as you want them to be and then put in the screws and stop right when you feel the most minimum amount of resistance...this screws are not really holding anything so they don't have to even be tight tight, it is better to have them secured than have them coming of because they ate the plastic.

well, that's it hope that helps many of you guys