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FlipFlop Trunk


You need 10mm socket, metal drill bit set with a good drill, self tapping screws, 2 hinges, 2 latches, and a friend to help you out when you get tired of drilling or holding the trunk lid up on your back...and yes you need the winnie the pooh blanket to protect your car when you lay the trunk lid down and metal shavings go everywhere.

The stock mounting of the trunk lid, 2 bolts on each side that need to remove that hold up the trunk lid. I bought the hinge from Home Depot for $5.49 and had it bent at a hardware store after taking my trunk lid off and finding out what angles were needed. I drilled 3 completely new holes for the hinge and used self tapping screws attaching to the trunk lid, same spot as the stock mounting piece.

This is where it get inventive and tricky, I used a simple locking latch from Home Depot for $2.49 that is used to slide lock fences or what have you, I drilled a hole in the arms of the trunk lid support and the sliding latch will slide the locking pin into the actual arm of the trunk lid support so that it will sit up normally. If you unlock, or unlatch the sliding latch so that it does not slide into the arm, you will let the trunk lid hinge down and sit "flip flop"..

This is also where the other side of the hinge gets bolted onto the mounting arm of the trunk lid. I used three screws for each and you can tell how well the hinge is secured on there. 4 holes drilled to secure the latch onto the trunk lid and then a bigger hole onto the mounting arm for the trunk lid where the latch slides into, you can also see the hinge fully mounted on the car.

And my friends, that is all there is to it really, when you want the trunk to sit flip flop slide the latch out of the mounting arm and flip flop it.. just remember, you cant close the trunk when it is flip flopped.

Pictures of the trunk flip flopped.

I guess this is my disclaimer of sorts.. i am not responsible for what you do to your car.

Depending on how far the hinge you buy swings around, your trunk may sit differently than mine does.. nothing extreme, but it just may be at less of an angle then mine. It is all about the bends you make, and it would be impossible to write out how I made the angles.. it's something you need to just look at and see.

If you do not mount everything correctly you may have issues closing the trunk because it will not line up exactly as it did when it was stock.. you can try and remount everything again or just finagle it into place when you close it or open it like i do.. mine is off a little bit to the left, but it doesn't bother me to shift it back and forth when I close the trunk, it sits the same when it is closed...

That is basically everything.. enjoy..
Done By -Jason Sadler

"I had mine done with the garbage hinges that companies sell online to people in "kits" and i used home depot hinges and for the weight of our trunk and just the way it opens you can't use those hinges without them bending under pressure and the trunk not closing right.

You can however use a thick 1" x 1" hinge and weld it to the trunk lid and the arms of the trunk.. you take out the stock bolts when you want it to "flop" and put them back in when you want to close it up.

it's very simple actually."