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Frankencar Catback System (1999.5-2003)

Frankencar Performance is proud to announce it's catback exhaust system for the 1999.5-2003 Nissan Maxima and Infiniti I30/I35. The exhaust system is constructed from only the highest quality parts available. Frankencar Exhaust's feature a Dual Tip design to keep the classy look of the car intact. Mounting hangers are placed in the same factory positions to keep the vibration to a minimum.

This Exhaust system also features a removable resonator section, should you want to increase your exhaust tone. Avaliable in a 2.5" Mandrel bent tubing size and a fully polished seamless muffler canister and tubing. Any exhaust shop can remove the resonator piece and install a new straight piece with flanges welded on the ends, OR if you would like we can have the piece made for you at our local exhaust shop of choice.


-Frankencar Performance